I think I know how to include xy in my new one-shot, but I will still end up leaving his fate up to the readers. Already thinking about a sequel for my last SongXiao one-shot. I guess it will become a part of a series. The Flirting Mutual Are u dating this Mutual? Who know? You live miles apart but you call each other the most annoying pet names and occasionally drop into their inbox to leave sweet nothings as a Joke???

But is it really a Joke??? Same Neurodivergemce Mutual Both ur heads r both fucked in about the same way, creating an everlasting bond and sharing of coping mechanisms.

Big Name Fan Mutual They got noticed by the official Tumblr for your favorite show but you knew them when they had 7 followers and a goat.

Discourse Mutual Integrates a healthy amount of political news and opinions into ur dash, u know how the rising popularity of quinoa is affecting the working poor in Uruguay because of them. Mystery Mutual A specific kind of old mutual. They changed their icon and url, but you recognise their mode of typing and their tagging system.

Fan Wank mutual Hates the same parts of a show that u do. Sends you seven different links to the same post so that you can bitch about the tags on all of them. You would both fight someone to the death over your opinion of season 4. Once you are given this award you're supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it.

If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone think you're beautiful inside and out! Being ace. Thinking more like writing, right now. Stay tuned, friends. Same Neurodivergemce Mutual Both ur heads r both fucked in about the same way, creating an everlasting bond and sharing of coping mechanisms Which one am I?Xiao Xingchen learned cultivation on Baoshan Sanren 's celestial mountain.

As most of the children she took to the mountain were street children, he may have been orphaned or abandoned as a child. As a disciple of Baoshan Sanren, Xiao Xingchen would have had to make a vow that if he left the mountain, he could never return.

xiao xingchen birthday

After departing the celestial mountain, Xiao Xingchen befriended the cultivator Song Lan. The two young men were frequently seen together and grow close over their shared dream of starting a sect based on ideals rather than bloodlines.

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At the height of their popularity, Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan first encounter Xue Yang while he vandalizes a vendor's stall in Lanling. Because he wears the robes of Lanling Jin Clan 's disciples, Song Lan is disturbed by the youth's lack of discipline and violent fighting style.

He speakas kindly to Xue Yang, even laughing at Xue Yang's stubborn refusal to admit his fault. However, once Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan depart, Xue Yang vented his fury that they had dared lecture him when they were hardly older than he was.

Taken aback by his anger, Jin Guangyao warns Xue Yang that he was lucky they did not know his role in Demonic Cultivationas they would surely bring him to justice if they did.

After the slaughter of Yueyang Chang Clan, the cultivation world could not find any evidence pointing towards a culprit. Xiao Xingchen volunteers to lead the investigation, and within a month, he identifies Xue Yang as the murderer.

He chases Xue Yang across three provinces before finally apprehending him. He demands severe punishment, to the agreement of every clan save Lanling Jin itself. Xiao Xingchen continues to insist on punishment, until Nie Mingjue catches word. Jin Guangshan finally acquiesces to put Xue Yang to death. Throughout his trial, even when Nie Mingjue's saber pressed against his throat, Xue Yang continues to grin. He taunts Xiao Xingchen not to forget him. Despite his word at the discussion conference, Jin Guangshan swiftly commuts Xue Yang's sentence to life imprisonment instead of death.

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From there, the Lanling Jin Clan begins to pressure the surviving members of the Yueyang Chang Clan, including their young leader, Chang Pingto recant their testimonies. Chang Ping eventually caves.

Thus, Xue Yang is freed. Xue Yang wastes little time enacting vengeance upon Xiao Xingchen.

The Untamed - Special Clip Xiao Xing Chen :'( - WeTV 【INDO SUB】

This time, he also leaves no evidence that can convict him of the crime.Keep reading. I will be officially taking gif pack commissions from now on. It's time to spread positivity! The MDZS Network has revamped its theme and we wanted to remind everyone of this continuous event we are still hosting. Hopefully this will help all of our followers in getting to know the amazing content creators that are the backbone of this network!

Xiao Xingchen/History

We would love to give our members the chance to introduce themselves through MDZS, the main idea is that you will center your content around the character you think is most similar to you and then introduce yourself. We are looking forward to everyone getting to know our members a little better! Applications are now closed until further notice. Welcome everybody and congratulations!

xiao xingchen birthday

If you are tagged, please follow these steps to finalize your application. The MDZS Network is very excited to announce the third event ofdedicated to the bright moon and gentle breeze! We are a network that focuses on all MDZS related content created by the wonderful content creators on Tumblr. We reblog anything and everything from gifsets to graphics, and from fanfiction to fanart.

We aim to spread love for MDZS and unite all fans together in one place. Only our members can participate in this event. It is not required to participate in the event, but we strongly encourage you to do so!

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This event is open indefinitely! You can post your introduction whenever you feel like it. Create any content gif, gfx, fic, art, etc. If you are tagged, please follow these steps to finalize your application; Reblog this post Track the mdzsnet tag Make sure to add a visible link to the network on your blog Fill in this typeform to choose your icon for the members page Make sure you read the rules! Applications will be open again soon. His lashes were long, appearing to be extremely delicate and elegant.

His posture was also very upright, looking straight ahead. Please make sure you are an active blog as well. Read through the network rules. Click here for mobile. Reblog this post.Filed under text. India against propaganda, it seems. The audacity of right wingers never ceases to amaze me. They reach new lows every. India is on a path to ruin.

Intolerance is at an all time high. FIRs are filed against tv shows, comedians are arrested for jokes they didnt make, acts of sedition and UAPA are slapped on student activists and journalists to keep them in jail and stop them from speaking the truth. I am terrified of the future, scared of the people around me, and feeling extremely desolate.

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Speak up, please. Raise your voice. Support the farmers. Filed under text politics. Source: rwby-rosevia impossibletruths. Filed under text ableism. Filed under text abuse. There are more, but you get the idea.

You can not escape it. Men are Trash and Pigs and all that good stuff. I Actively hate myself for not being cis. For giving up womanhood to join the side of evil. What makes it worse is this is something TERFs what. Trashy people who think trashy things that only hurt people. But they made me have their ideology.

And those are only the ones who say it on their blogs. I have friends who are cis dudes who feel the same way.

xiao xingchen birthday

This sort of thinking also trains straight and bi women to expect to get treated like shit by their partners instead of believing that men are compassionate, kind, generous people who should be expected to treat their partners well.

ALSO all of this bullshit broadcasts and spreads the idea that women must always be protected from men which is exactly how JK Rowling justifies her transmisogyny which does NOTHING to accomplish the equality that feminism is nominally about. It becomes an obsession and that pride becomes rampant misogyny.

You are helping to create the problem. Filed under text transphobia cw. Do not get in a conversation. Do not believe people who claim they represent the same firm. If in doubt, keep your mouth shut. Every comment is a hint, every question has ulterior motives, and they are just trying to pump your for information. The coffee is a trick, your one call is monitored, they are not your fucking friends. Comfort and support your comrades, but do not share personal details or discuss anything that could be used against you.Xiao Xingchen is described as a young man with a lean build.

He wears white cultivation robes and carries a sword wrapped in white cloth on his back. He walks as if he is stepping on clouds. Before his blindness, his dark eyes shine brightly and gently. After giving up his eyes, bandages about four inches wide cover the upper half of his face. A slight tinge of blood seeps from the bandages. The lower half of his face is quite handsome, although somewhat emaciated. Xiao Xingchen has a soft personality but a solid heart, gentle on the outside but determined on the inside.

The cultivation world describes Xiao Xingchen as the "bright moon and gentle breeze," paired with Song Lan 's the "distant snow and cold frost. He is initially sympathetic to Xue Yang 's delinquent ways due to his youth, demonstrating his kind heart. Yet he is also intelligent, aware of Jin Guangyao 's use of flattery to smooth tense situations.

Xiao Xingchen is mildly self-conscious about his lack of storytelling skills. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest.Purely down to the weather though.

Overall the communication and planning of the holiday went very smoothly and everywhere we went we were treated very well. The chosen accommodation was, in all cases, superb.

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However, my advisor re-arranged my schedule and accommodation. A big help in such unforeseen situation. I travel alone throughout the world.

Xiao Xingchen

By far this is the most seamless and professional group with whom I have ever dealt with. I can't say enough about her - she was patient, and friendly and made the tour memorable.

I cannot say enough about our service I received from your company. The attention to detail was wonderful not only from your company but the service providers you use was wonderful. It made me feel so incredibly special. We enjoyed most parts of the trip and wish we had more time to stay longer. Bergen and Tromso were our favourite especially our Aurora Hunting Tour with Marcus, absolutely spot on.

xiao xingchen birthday

Overall, we had an amazing experience in Norway, couldn't ask for more. Looking forward to another Scandinavian trip and Nordic Visitor is definitely our choice of travel agent. Even though, I couldn't see any northern lights, it was a good experience to visit Iceland. And it was easy to travel there with Nordic Visitor Tour. I have just returned from a wonderful 12-day Aurora Safari by rail and cruise package arranged by Nordic Visitor, below are some of my comments on this tour: 2.

The combination of cruise, train, bus, and flight over 10 days gave me a compress yet varied and comprehensive look into Norwegian life style and land scape. I highly recommend the services of Nordic Visitor to anyone interested in exploring the Scandinavian region.Get involved, you won't be disappointed. Brilliant picks, keep them coming. Links Home Privacy Policy Live Tipster Trials Sitemap Pages Horse Racing Tipsters Football Tipsters Sport Tipsters Betting Systems Legal.

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In the latest exchange between the two celebrities-turned-politicians, Arnold Schwarzenegger mocks Donald Trump over his slumping approval rating. Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush announced on Friday afternoon that he is suing News Corp's Sydney masthead The Daily Telegraph. The media shy Australian pop star responds to criticism over using Maddie Ziegler as her public face.

Filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, the 'Blackish' star reads from her new children's book 'The Handsy Man', aimed at curtailing "a systemic problem about the abuse of power that takes place across all industries".

Rachel Griffiths defends Geoffrey Rush at the 2017 AACTA Awards amid allegations he acted inappropriately while performing with Sydney Theatre Company. Vision courtesy: A Current Affair, Network Nine.