Collecting, verifying, and managing user identities is essential to the functioning of the online economy. Whether it's financial transactions or medical records, systems must ensure that only authorized users can perform actions on certain data. As users, we also want to be sure that our personal information will not fall into the hands of third parties. However, most of the data are now stored in centralized databases and on centralized servers, increasing the risk of these data being leaked or stolen.

There is no doubt that data breaches can have dire consequences for banks, governments, and healthcare institutions. Therefore this encourages companies to invest in the development of new, more secure, and more efficient digital identity management solutions. Blockchain is one of the promising technologies for achieving these goals.

A digital identity is personal information that exists on the network and proves your identity. For example, digital ID enables us to verify our identity when logging into an email account or making transactions online without the need to provide physical ID documents such as a passport or credit card. To do this, a user is usually assigned an individual identifier that allows systems to find him on the Internet. For example, you get your own digital identity when registering on a social network, creating a username and password.

Or when you consent to the processing of data in your browser and allow a site to collect cookies, the site generates your tracking ID. Thanks to this identification method, we can safely store and manage our personal information and perform banking transactions, open bank accounts, have access to our medical data, and the like.

As you can see, digital identity speeds up many processes in our lives, from interaction with public authorities and carrying out business transactions to logging into personal accounts.

However, digital identity has some challenges and is associated with certain risks of leakage or theft of sensitive data. If your digital identity management system is weak, you may have more problems than benefits. Digital identity is convenient and effective.

However, in the era of digital transformation, when a huge amount of data goes online, cyberattacks are also on the rise. Therefore, the use of digital ID is associated with certain risks and has its own challenges. Safe data management is the number one goal for online service companies. Users won't do business with a company again if they experience fraud on its platform. Therefore, companies need to implement security features into their products as well as work on internal plans for fraud prevention and risk assessment.

And this is a real challenge that requires large investments and wide expertise in the field of cybersecurity. An ideal digital identity management system combines usability, security, and privacy. However, traditional ID systems are still far from that. They are highly vulnerable and have single points of failure, which increases the risk of fraud. And here's where blockchain comes in. This technology can become a reliable mechanism for managing identities due to its decentralized nature.

This is how it works. Blockchain is a database that stores information in the form of blocks. Each block is created based on the previous one and therefore all blocks are linked. No block can be removed invisibly without destroying the entire system.

Thus, blockchain provides transparency and traceability of the system, while ensuring security through reliable cryptographic methods. Users use paired keys to manage their data on a blockchain.

A public key is a cryptographic code that is generated using encryption algorithms and is used to convert a message into an unreadable format. This key can be shared with others to help identify your identity.

A private key is a key that only the user knows, it allows the message to be decrypted, so a secure transmission is ensured.DIT is achieved with a combination of policies, process re-engineering, organizational changes, awareness and training, improvement of system capabilities, as well as continuous monitoring and adjustment.

This article offers detailed information and a framework proposed by IMI for digital identity transformation. Digital Identity Transformation in part refers to an improved identity and access management IAM program which provides users and devices with secure and easy access to enterprise resources.

An adequate IAM program offers strong authentication mechanism, fewer logins to access multiple systems, the ability to collaborate beyond the organization; just-in-time provisioning and de-provisioning, improved access and security controls, as well as auditing and reporting capabilities. There are many identity and privacy regulations which define the consumer rights regarding their personal information and ensure organizations live up to their obligations and respect the privacy rights of consumers.

As part of their Digital Identity Transformation, organizations must address redundant regulatory requirements cohesively, determine if they can minimize the scope of their regulatory obligations, and develop a plan to ensure compliance. Digital Identity refers to a set of personal attributes stored in computer systems which can be used to identify an entity such as a person, organization, application, or device.

These identity components are routinely created or collected, used, shared and stored by organizations as part of their business model, operations, and access management. Interestingly, adequate identity and access management practices inherently protect consumer data and help with compliance. Identity and Access Management IAM refers to a set of business processes and supporting technologies that enable the creation, maintenance, and use of a digital identity which can be extremely extensive and challenging for some organizations.

IAM and its related services are responsible for secure system access and protection of information. The implementation of identity and access management in many organizations is often distributed, redundant, inefficient, ineffective, and complex. Latest study reports suggest that data breach incidents are attributed to poor identity and access management practices and financial losses due to investigation, public relations, improvements, lawsuit, fines, and other expenses can be very high.

Also, increasing number of global identity and privacy regulations have challenged organizations to better manage and protect the personal information of their customers and consumers as they collect and use their information. Identity Management Institute has identified some concerns and challenges that organizations must consider for embracing Digital Identity Transformation:.

These and other factors have contributed to the need for organizations to embrace Digital Identity Transformation to meet consumer expectations, improve operations and security, comply with regulatory requirements, and innovate. When developing an identity and access management strategy, the potential risks associated with IAM plus how they may be addressed must be considered:. Also, increasing consumer and government expectations require organizations to protect personal data as the primary target of security.

All this requires a complete Digital Identity Transformation. Because digital identity transformation touches every part of the organization from physical and logical security, to compliance, fraud, privacy, and business operations, organizations may wonder what it will take to transform and how they can manage a transformation of such magnitude.

Digital Identity Transformation is not a quick process nor is it a one-time event. Digital Identity Transformation may take a few months to plan and sometimes years to complete depending on the size of the organization and scope of the transformation. Once completed, continuous assessment, monitoring, and improvement is necessary to ensure the organization continues to transform its digital identity management practices as threats, business processes, and regulations change.

The Digital Identity Transformation framework proposed by Identity Management Institute brings a unique perspective on what an IAM strategy should look like to optimize the effectiveness of access and security controls, while incorporating compliance in the operation of these controls.

Consider the following when developing a digital identity transformation plan:. Identity Transformation is originated from the need to eliminate perceived complexities surrounding identity management and reduce security and privacy risks while allowing organizations to pursue their core competencies. The guiding IAM tenets are described below:. The definition of a critical success factor includes an influence area that has significant impact upon program scope and delivery. In order for the Digital Identity Transformation program to meet its goals, the following critical success factors must be closely managed:.

Organizations can not transform their digital identity alone as they have a business to run, and may lack qualified resources or the required knowledge.Microsoft believes everyone has the right to own their digital identity, one that securely and privately stores all personal data.

Digital Identity Management

This ID must seamlessly integrate into daily life and give complete control over data access and use. Engage with less risk, use electronic claim verification, and improve transparency and auditability.

Microsoft is partnering with the community to develop a new identity system that gives you control and preserves privacy. Decentralized identity can replace identifiers, such as usernames, with IDs that are self-owned, independent, and use blockchain and distributed ledger technology to protect privacy and secure transactions. Protecting your data is our highest priority. Learn about the built-in privacy and compliance capabilities across Microsoft products.

Help build an open-source, decentralized identity ecosystem with the Decentralized Identity Foundation. Translate to English. Own your digital identity Discover decentralized identity, a new way to provide ownership of personal data.

Digital Identity Management

Watch now. Decentralized identity benefits For everyone Own and control your digital identity and protect your privacy with secure user experiences. For organizations Engage with less risk, use electronic claim verification, and improve transparency and auditability.

For developers Design user-centric apps and services and build true serverless apps that store data with users.

Digital Identity Transformation

Download white paper. Review documentation. Read the latest news and blogs Scalable decentralized ID systems The next step in realizing our vision for the future of decentralized identities. Read blog post. Decentralized identity and privacy Championing digital privacy through identity. Mastercard, Microsoft join forces Mastercard, Microsoft join forces to advance digital identity innovations. Read press release. Related solutions Identity and access management Protect your employees and the modern workplace with a security-centric identity solution.

Learn more.This will navigate you to Accenture. Improve time-to-market with scalable identity and access management, data governance and more. Our in-depth experience and focus on the future enables organizations to fast-track their identity and access management capabilities at reduced cost. Enabling organizations to reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats by protecting access to the most valuable resources.

Helping clients map physical IDs to their digital IDs, enabling organizations to pursue new market opportunities that are part of a broader ecosystem. Traditional access management is static, doesn't scale or reflect the dynamic and global nature of today's organizations.

Our new capability disrupts traditional models, using AI and machine learning to uncover risk and help organizations act with confidence. Tap into the latest thinking from our cyber labs, innovation centers and global researchers. Stay updated on the work we're doing, career tips and opportunities, case studies and more.

Combining managed security services, market-leading advanced analytics and intelligent automation, our cyber defense incubation centers help organizations out-innovate attackers every single day. A collective of global security professionals, leading data scientists, renowned academic researchers as well as technology and alliance partners.

Cyber Resilient Business. The web is under attack, and a corrosion in trust is putting the digital economy in peril. How can we shape and steer a path to a secure internet?

Digital Identity

Visit our full collection of insights and thought leadership around the Cyber Resilient Business. Accenture Security is looking for passionate, creative people to tackle the biggest security threats facing us today.

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Digital Identity Management

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